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History of the Bellingham Traverse

DRAFT. I needed to put this content somewhere. It still needs some massaging.  If you like stories, here’s the abridged version of how the Traverse and the brand identity came to be… The Story- My name is Todd Elsworth and

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Tandem Biking the Olympic Discovery Trail

We went from Sequim Bay to Port Angeles on the Olympic Discovery Trail. Here’s what we saw…More words to come. Enjoy the slideshow.  We made it! 60 total miles. Go check out the Olympic Discovery Trail for yourself. The Olympic

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Helen Ayres

Helen was an incredible lady who lived a life that represented her Swedish and Greek heritage. What a combination and what an outcome in this lady we so loved.             Her Swedish side showed itself in her strong independence and

I Am – Violet E.

I AM I am adventurous and friendly. I wonder how the people back 3,000 years ago felt when they were in the solar eclipse I hear the sound of my dog sprinting across the fresh grass I see the tree

My writing gig – part three

As 2017 comes to a close, here’s the list of stories I enjoyed writing for playing in Whatcom County.  My writing gig – part two.  My writing gig – take one.  Basecamp Bellingham: Stephen Ettinger – Professional Cyclist, 22 Nov

German student looking for a Host in Bellingham

Dear Bellinghamsters (or other Washingtonians that live in a place as cool as the Ham), Let’s give a kid from Germany a warm welcome to America, through the lens of our Bellingham bubble! Caspar M. lives in Odenthal, Germany and

You Heard it Here First, Folks!

Here’s some early Violet TV. We had gone up to “Mountain Baker” for some backcountry sledding (full story). When we got back, the hot chocolate was, well, NOT. To the ski area we went! Violet was warming up to the

Life in the Slow Lane

Slug cruising along in the slow lane on Highway 20 Westbound.  

Ladder Creek Falls Colors

Potty Mouth

Daddy’s Girl. We (Me & V) are constantly evaluating the language we use to communicate with one another (and the rest of the world).  I encourage Violet to embrace the nuances of writing, reading and speaking. And swearing. There’s a