Helen Ayres

Helen was an incredible lady who lived a life that represented her Swedish and Greek heritage. What a combination and what an outcome in this lady we so loved.
            Her Swedish side showed itself in her strong independence and pride in her ability to care for herself, her house and her personal matters. That was so evident in these past few months in all that she did to have her affairs in order, never wanting to create a burden to anyone.
            Helen was extremely organized and precise in details. Her work at Standard Oil was met with praise and accolades. Her perfect handwriting was as precise as the other facets of her life.
            Helen’s appearance was impeccable. She was a blond, Swedish beauty but shied away from attention and compliments.
            Now, looking at the Greek side: Helen could have fun, laugh, and joke. That twinkle in her eye gave her away many times. She had a feistiness and a great sense of humor that kept us entertained and laughing. 
            Helen loved to dance! She talked about how she and Sam became dance partners and partners in life. She said Sam had two left feet, but his smile is what made her twirl on the dance floor. They made a happy couple, both fun loving, and joyous.
            One story we asked her to tell us numerous times happened after Doug had passed away and Helen found herself alone.  She decided to test herself.  She packed her little dog in the car, bought a big box of donuts and headed south on the highway to California. Stopping at rest stops, she made friends with the truckers who had passed her on the road. This blond bombshell had created quite a stir among those gentlemen.  Apparently, the truckers used their CBs to alert others along the route. Soon she was passing out donuts, along with laughter and smiles, enjoying the camaraderie.
            We’ll miss this lady who was quite the combo! We’ll miss sitting on her couch sharing family stories, photos, and peppermint patties. We’ll miss going out to lunch together and having her navigate us around those crazy mixed-up streets in her neighborhood. We’ll miss her Christmas cards with that beautiful handwriting. We are grateful for the times we had with her, we feel blessed to call her family as well as a friend.  I’m certain we all can agree, what a gal!

Family Man, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Artist, Outdoor Enthusiast and Recreation Advocate.