I Am – Violet E.

I am adventurous and friendly.
I wonder how the people back 3,000 years ago felt when they were in the solar eclipse
I hear the sound of my dog sprinting across the fresh grass
I see the tree outside our classroom window waving in the breeze
I want to be running throughout the forest with my friends on a bright, sunny day
I am adventurous and friendly.
I pre tend that everything I do and wish for will be real
I feel sad when one of my family members pass away
I touch the sand and rocks while I’m playing on the beach
I worry when something happens in my family that freaks everyone out and I don’t know about
I cry when someone I know gets hurt or killed by something terrible
I am adventurous and friendly.
I understand how the sun come to be
I say thank you when I appreciate something that is given to me
I dream about traveling all over the land and sea
I try to be the best of me I could ever be
I hope that someday if I work hard enough I can achieve anything
I am adventurous friendly Violet.

Family Man, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Artist, Outdoor Enthusiast and Recreation Advocate.