Federal Funding – A piece of CAKE

For Rob,

We interpret the world through our own lens. I have enjoyed listening to this song as a my motivational theme song to find federal funding for the activities and programs that we dream up at Recreation Northwest. As you know, our mission is to promote outdoor recreation and bring people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play. As we discussed today, we are mission driven and money motivated (we need it to function) in order to help get folks outside. 

As for the Federal Funding from CAKE

When I listen to this song these lyrics strike me differently: 

You’ll receive the federal funding, you can add another wing
(we really just needed more office space in The Cooler and subsequently moved into our new office new space on N. Forest) 

Take your colleagues out to dinner, pay your brother to come and sing

(you’ll be able to afford to bring pizza for board meetings and hire a consultant to motivate them to fundraise)
Sing, sing, sing
(otherwise known as fundraising) 
You’ll receive the federal funding, you can have a hefty grant
(whether it’s our Parkscriptions program or launching the Washington Outdoor Business Alliance- you think that there’d be some funding out there to help us make it happen) 
Strategize this presentation, make them see that you’re the man
(as you know, this is what I do) 

The video from CAKE shows what their original intent was in their lyrics. I like my inspirational interpretation better. They also get points for Italian Guy 😉 

The Good NEWS:
We are receiving Federal Funding to help us get back to work! But that’s a whole ‘nuther story that you’ll have to wait to read on The Confluence

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Enjoy that whiskey! 


~ Todd E. 


Family Man, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Artist, Outdoor Enthusiast and Recreation Advocate.

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