Flying HIGH

People like to fly. I talked with some folks from a place called California who do it for a living and as a way of life. We met at San Juan Island Quest 2013. After the big race, we were getting more acquainted (although we had just shared an incredible experience in some crazy weather in one of the most spectacular places on earth- Moran State Park, Orcas Island, Wa., USA) in the dry climes of the cozy lodge. These people fly for a living. They also travel the world doing it. Mostly, out of necessity to head to Europe- since it’s hard to legally huck yourself off a cliff or mountain top in the states.

I am not living that lifestyle, currently. As I write this I reflect on my Friday night- School dance with my Kinder daughter, listening to our Katy Perry album while we played Hello Kitty Bingo and some take home reading- before “we” sacked out on the couch. I’d rather lose at Hello Kitty Bingo on a Friday night at this point in my life than go zooming down a mountain-side like “some people“.

The dream of flight is overpowering. It started in the 12th Century. Check it out.

See you OUT THERE.

Tribute: Flying HIGH, Ozzy. (Fn commercials)


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