German student looking for a Host in Bellingham

Dear Bellinghamsters (or other Washingtonians that live in a place as cool as the Ham),

Let’s give a kid from Germany a warm welcome to America, through the lens of our Bellingham bubble!

Caspar M. lives in Odenthal, Germany and would like to be a high school student in America this fall. His dad thinks that Bellingham would be a great place for him to have an international exchange experience.

Caspar’s dad, Stephan, is a friend of mine from high school. Stephan participated in a student exchange with my close friend, James Hanusa, in high school and visited me and Violet with his family four years ago.

The family is coordinating this through the International Student Exchange program. Here’s a page with FAQ’s for host families:

If I had the space in our house, I’d do it!

We hope you can find the space in your home and hearts to welcome Caspar into your ‘Hamster home this coming fall.

Please email me at if you are interested, have questions or you’d like to connect with the family to get this going!

Thank you,


ps- Here’s the bio that Caspar wrote:

Caspar M. Odenthal, Germany

I want to spend one semester at an American High-School, to experience the lifestyle and the culture. I would like to see if it really is like in those movies to go on an American High School and I would love to try out leisure and sports activities that you cannot easily do in Germany. Another reason to spend one semester in America is to make new friendships and experiences that I would not be making in my every day surrounding living in small village near Cologne. I am also really looking forward to spend time with my host family. My father did an exchange during his High School too and he is still in contact with his friends and host family from that time. I would love to make the same type of friendship during my time there. This is also an opportunity to enhance my English vocabulary to potentially study in an English speaking country later. I am learning English since I am 4 years old and made vacation in America twice. In that time my English made good progress and I hope for a similar progress during my High School semester. I also want to get more independent from my parents during the time without them.

Description of myself and my Hobbies
I am a silent person but still very thoughtfully and inquisitive, I am open for many things and very enthusiastic. My Hobbies are motorsports (especially kartracing), athletics, skiing and reading books. Next to these interests I am open to try typical American activities in my time there.

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