Potty Mouth

Daddy’s Girl. We (Me & V) are constantly evaluating the language we use to communicate with one another (and the rest of the world).  I encourage Violet to embrace the nuances of writing, reading and speaking. And swearing. There’s a time and a place for everything. I’m currently working on explaining the power of the “F word”. If you don’t know what the “F word stands” for it’s FUCK.The nice thing about he “F word” is that it doesn’t really attack anybody like the “N word” and other “inappropriate” references. 

Enough about ME & V. This is about GIRL POWER. Equality YO!

Girls Just Wanna Have FUNdamental Rights.

Go Girls!

BTW- My favorite polite swear word currently is Shuksan. It merges two of the best into one, while also calling out a cool peak.

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One comment on “Potty Mouth
  1. Carole MacDonald says:

    Thanks Todd.
    Great to finally see and hug you and many thanks for the video.

    Fucking hilarious!!!