Repair work

Celebrating The FALL…I was lead upstairs and took a long shower…

(1st DRAFT. More to come!)

Blood and dirt covered the bathtub as it washed off my tattered canvas and flowed down the drain. I rinsed out my facial wounds to prepare for the arts and crafts project that was taping my face back together.

April is a talented woman. She’s a photographer, baker and craftswoman. She is not a nurse. She doesn’t “like” blood. So we took a let’s do some crafts on Todd’s face approach. My forehead was easy enough to tape together and the cut wasn’t that bad, so it was a good warmup. Next, was my eyebrow.

“First, we have to shave the hair off of my eyebrow.”


April took a razor and shaved enough space on my face to allow for good purchase of the butterfly bandages that we would MacGyver to pull the opposing sides of the gouge together. Easy enough. It’s all a matter of perspective. I’m sure that she has a different story!

After the bandages were in place, I was dressed and made my way onto the couch where I’d be visited by Dave the Nurse and “Karl” the Pharmacist.

Recovery (coming soon)

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