Tandem Kayak Camping – Maiden Voyage to Lummi

We have spent plenty of time in kayaks, but never kayak camped. Violet and I headed out to Lummi Island from Wildcat Cove in Larrabee State Park- just south of Bellingham, WA. for our maiden overnight voyage. It was awesome.

Leaving the shore behind. My favorite paddling hat has seen some wear and is finally in need of repair. Thank you Freemont Hemp Company (RIP).


She paddled for a bit, then just enjoyed the ride across the bay. We were finally in the shadows of the campsite. “It’s your job to choose which site we should take. Since there’s nobody here you have a lot to pick from!,” I exclaimed. She was happy to have that news.


We enjoyed an afternoon and evening of hanging out at the Lummi DNR site and went out for a paddle the next day. We sat below a BIG Bald Eagle and watched him/her (I can’t tell) eat breakfast in the tree above.


Here’s the Big Bird on the branch above.


We continued south to the southern tip of Lummi, where the wind was raging and the rollers were flowing in. So, we turned around and went back to the shelter of the east side of the island and enjoyed the herons, eagles, vultures and other shorebirds flying around above.

Heading home it was so calm (and “The V” is so comfortable in a boat) that she chose to sit on top of the middle hatch and just hang out so we could talk and sing songs as I paddled us home. This photo is looking north to Portage Island off the port bow. We changed our course to the east and headed for the north tip of Eliza Island and Larrabee on shore.


¬†She’s my trooper!

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