Celebrating Beau Hamilton (aka Scott’s Dad)

Childhood Friends, 

As you may remember, my best friend growing up was Scott Hamilton. We did everything together. Our childhood was filled with playing soccer & basketball, chasing & kissing girls (okay, maybe that was just me) and camping out with the scouts. Our families took road trips together. Fun trips.

We were brothers- from separate mothers AND Fathers! Yes, our dads were BROS too. Sure, it was Todd Elsworth and Scott Hamilton usually up to something- but right there behind us was Ken and Beau supporting us. They sure had their hands full!! Together, Ken & Fran and Bonnie & Beau raised us.

Beau, recently died. He had been sick for awhile. He is now resting in peace. I am honored to have had him as a role model and mentor in my childhood. I would best describe Beau as a mullet of a man. Business up front and party in the back. He demonstrated the coolness of a professional businessman and the silliness of a prankster at the appropriate times.

For many of us Kirkland kids from Helen Keller, Kamiakin and Juanita, the Hamilton’s opened their homes and their hearts so we would have a place to come together and be safe. I cherish the time that they allowed us to spend together in their homes.

Services for Beau Hamilton will be held Friday, January 8th 1:00 pm at Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Come celebrate his life.

These are a collection of photos that remind us of the bright light that burned within Beau and shone on us all. OK, the photos are grainy but you get the picture… 😉




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