Name that Viewpoint

One tool I use to clear my head is my bike. The one I chose to ride tonight was purchased in 1995 from Bicycle Bob‘s Bicycle Outlet in Kittery, ME. The only original part on the bike is the frame. My Barracuda (brand name, not a nickname) is a trusted steed and she just got back out of the stable after being ill for too many months- many thanks to Dan “the Man” Remsen (aka Danimal). I got home from day three of an adult learning workshop and went seeking clarity and a bit of thrill to mix it up. I wanted to see the sunset, so I climbed up for a better vantage point.

Can you name where this photo was taken in Bellingham? (try before you read on)

Name That View

Hint: Take the old Huntoon Road to get there.

There was a group of co-eds gathered on the top level, so I stayed a level below to get my bearings and prepare for my descent in the dark. Many riders know this multi-sport preparation ritual as a “Safety Break”. I learned the practice back when I was a Viking (’87 – ’92) and it seems to have stuck with me ever since. I joined the dorks on the upper deck for a brief spell (they were playing some sort of current day DnD fantasy game) to capture the setting sun. I circled around the tower and headed through the tunnel and back down the road.





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