Who do you love?

When I was making up a list of “boy names” for my second child I put George on the list. This was out of adoration and respect for my paternal grandfather, George Krapp. Yep, I said it- Krapp. Elsworth is his adopted name. Some crazy story that needs to be captured for what we do know.

Who Do YOU Love by George.

Seth Godin wrote, “The question is: now that we know these people, will we listen to them in an effort to understand? Tom Friedman famously wrote that there’s never been a¬†war¬†between two nations that had McDonald’s franchises in them. I wonder if we’re going to develop a new sense of mass, one where it’s harder than ever to demonize a group that contains your friends, even if they’re merely online friends. Or, are we going to get better at hating people we know, at de-personalizing our experiences…”

Then again, Who Do You Know?



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