Don’t Text and Bike! (Warning: contains graphic images)

I like learning. Unfortunately, some learning comes as a consequence of bad behavior. I was simply riding my bike to the Hub one day and I nonchalantly pulled my phone out of my pocket to look at an incoming text message. When I looked back at the trail, I was heading for some garbage cans and swerved to miss them, just catching a part of the edge. My right arm scraped along the fence along the trail. There was a small piece of metal that was in the right place at the right time to catch me- or at least my right arm. 

The fence dug into my flesh like a warm ice cream scoop into a bucket of ice cream- peeling back the top layer of my flesh to expose my muscles underneath. The first image that I has when I looked up was my friend, Kyle, asking me, “What did you do Todd?” I knew he was a witness, so I stated it plainly: “I was looking at my Fn phone”. Ouch- this really hurt.

I was in the Alley District and the folks came out of the woodwork to assist. After administering first aid and getting a nice glass of water, Kyle had me in a borrowed car and we were on our way to the ER (for my annual trip). Thank you to the kind people who were there to assist!

This experience was a great reminder to me not to try to text and ride/drive. I have changed my behavior since and am committed to focusing on the road.

If you don’t believe me check out Text at Your Own Risk – Oprah.

See photos from the incident below (yes they’re gross)


The Patient awaiting cleaning and sewing!



The Open Wound



A look inside- down to the muscle



All Sewn UP!


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One comment on “Don’t Text and Bike! (Warning: contains graphic images)
  1. Brian Seales says:

    Ouch. (and gross)
    Glad it was just your forearm.