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Why Bother Bernie?

I was reading How to talk to your kids about Bernie Sanders and this paragraph got me. Thanks Kimbery Harrington. Motivating. “But why is he even bothering when he can’t win?I’m gonna lay this out real plain and simple to

Repair work

Celebrating The FALL…I was lead upstairs and took a long shower… (1st DRAFT. More to come!) Blood and dirt covered the bathtub as it washed off my tattered canvas and flowed down the drain. I rinsed out my facial wounds

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Celebrating The FALL

In October 2014, I celebrated my one year anniversary of a near death experience.* Out for an overdue ride with a new friend, Mr. Chris Mellick. We went OUT THERE!  I can’t tell you where we went, but I will

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A Tribute To All Our Volunteers

A Tribute To All Our Volunteers Many will be shocked to find,When the Day of Judgment nears.That there’s a special place inHeaven set aside for volunteers.Furnished with big recliners,Satin couches and footstoolsWhere there’s no committee chairman,No group leaders or carpools,No

NW Travel Magazine: 5 Snow Adventures – No Experience Needed

This story was a bunch of fun to write and a great way for me to get psyched about the coming winter (regardless of what C. Mass has to say). “5 No-Experience-Needed Snow Adventures“: Guided Snowshoeing, Mt. Hood, OR Dog

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Paddle Adventures

I’ve been enjoying writing for for the past couple years. That led me to write for Mt. Baker Experience as well. Here is a quick compilation of my paddling adventures: Up Whatcom Creek – Without a Paddle. Launch your

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I just found out that Robin Williams is dead. That sucks. He is one of my favorites (top 5). He started with Mork and evolved his work into powerful roles. His comedy was always at the core of what I

Wild Thing – NCI Style

We went to a Family Getaway at the North Cascades Institute and had the best weekend so far this summer! One of the highlights was the campfire and signing. We sang the usual camp songs, but there were a few

Catching the Currents

On Saturday, April 26th I went out for a day paddle. Timing the currents and trying to maximize my time OUT THERE, I was able to cover a lot of mileage ~ 20 mi. Here’s the route of my journey:

Eating Eagles

Saturday, April 26, 2014 – Lummi Nation – Launching from Gooseberry Point on the Lummi Peninsula, my destination was Clark Island. I had prepared for the trip by timing the direction of the currents to make my crossing of the

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