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Celebrating Beau Hamilton (aka Scott’s Dad)

Childhood Friends,  As you may remember, my best friend growing up was Scott Hamilton. We did everything together. Our childhood was filled with playing soccer & basketball, chasing & kissing girls (okay, maybe that was just me) and camping out

Violet TV: Soup Chef

Violet has been schooled in the use of sharp things. It’s all about RESPECT. Here she is as our Sous Chef getting the peppers ready for our VeggieBeef Soup. #MarthaWatchOUT

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A Sacred Cycle – recycled.

Water. Water. Water. Water. A Sacred Cycle by Malcolm Johnson. “From molecule to mountain, it’s the everything of our existence. Water. Dive into the liquid of high peaks and the deep sea, following water’s ceaseless journey through one of its favourite playgrounds: the Pacific Northwest.”

Bellingham KAPOW 2015

We were fortunate enough to be invited to be a part of MM’s Big Chair presentation.

Myrtis in Memoriam

Yesterday was our maternal grandmother’s birthday. This is what our “sweet” mother wrote about her mom:   “Your Grandmother Mildred Myrtis Hooper Mancuso was born, along with her twin brother Curtis, on May 19, 1911 in Chillicothe, Texas. Her parents,

Repair work

Celebrating The FALL…I was lead upstairs and took a long shower… (1st DRAFT. More to come!) Blood and dirt covered the bathtub as it washed off my tattered canvas and flowed down the drain. I rinsed out my facial wounds

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Celebrating The FALL

In October 2014, I celebrated my one year anniversary of a near death experience.* Out for an overdue ride with a new friend, Mr. Chris Mellick. We went OUT THERE!  I can’t tell you where we went, but I will

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Just the tip

People that have made a living as a server in their lives, not only tip well, but also are disgusted by those that don’t. I believe that tipping is also a measure of performance and if the service is shitty,

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Guys Named Todd

George Carlin, for some reason, has a problem with my name. Fortunately, I don’t feel as though I resemble his remarks. Still funny nonetheless! The name Todd originates as a surname deriving from the Middle English “tod” or “todde” meaning

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Labor Day

Labor Day* is celebrated this coming Monday. This brought me back to a conversation that was once had during my days at Harbour Light Productions. Josh: Do we get Veteran’s Day off? Bill: Are you a Veteran? end of conversation.

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